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Welcome to Bug XS Blog.

In this blog we will be having a look on the recent Deepfake Telegram bot which was violating women sexuality .

Underlying concept and purpose of deepfake technology

Deep fake technology a derivative technology of Artificial Intelligence which is being used from a long time to fabricate media files such as images, videos etc.

Unmasking the dangers of Deepfakes?

One such deep fake attack was used for the Ukrainian TV network Ukrayina 24 where the deep fake of the Ukrainian resident Zelensky was seen surrendering to Russia in the war.

The convincing illusion

The deep fake of the president was so convincing that the Ukrainian citizens started protesting their own presidents decision.

The deep fake video was then taken down by all the Social media sites and YouTube as it was easily spotted by Semi-sophisticated viewers

Telegrams Deepfake Bot

Now tracking back to the Recent Telegram’s Deepfake Bot which was exposing women to exploitation . This bot is a concerning phenomenon which has unfolded on the Telegram messenger app, involving an accessible and user-friendly deepfake bot. This insidious bot has inflicted harm upon what appears to be an extensive number of women by digitally substituting their clothed body parts in photographs with explicit nudity.

What Makes It Truly Scary ?

It is Photoshop on steroids because the advancement it gives in the image is just unreal. It is deeply concerning, particularly due to their remarkable realism, often indistinguishable from authentic content. What makes this issue even more alarming is the ease with which individuals without technical expertise can create these deceptive digital manipulations, increasing the risk for widespread misuse.

Any individual without technical knowledge just with the help of simple commands like

· /start

· /run

And by giving the input of image can generate explicit pictures of nudity.

A creepy deepfake video of tom cruise which will make you question the difference between real and Virtual.

The workflow of the Deepfake model

The model provides free services to its users therefore it gains popularity so early on as the number of users keep increasing every year. The images are completely free to share they require no login or authentication completely exposed. The reported number of morphed images last year were around 1000. The numbers have grown immensely this year .

Targeted Victims & the attackers

The victims of this was majorly women who have their photos publicly visible on the social media or any other platforms . Such media is collected by the hackers and given as input to the bot which in reply returns the explicit pictures.

The bots promotional website suggests that as many as 700,000 images till date have been manipulated by the bot.

The bot is used globally but the major users come from the Russai and former USSR countries .


Telegram has this policy of free speech and privacy which gives such bots a sweet place to operate on. Telegram is the hub of piracy and other activities such as pornographic content. Telegram has also been criticized many times for supporting such propaganda activities.

Telegram has also taken actions in taking down such groups and channels which were working for such criminal ideologies

Many people and researchers have reported telegram regarding this Deepfake Nudity but have not heard back any kind of reply from Telegram .


· Stop posting photos of yourself or your family on unprotected social media accounts

· Always use caution when uploading photos of yourself to public sites

· Make sure you maintain a high level of security on all your electronic devices

· Talk to your family and friends about the risks of posting images on social me


Remember speaking out is incredibly important . Here are few steps which you can follow

· Report images to the platforms they're being hosted on

· Collect evidence of the images on those platforms

· Engage with the police

· Speak to legal professionals to find out whether you have a case to make

· Don't be afraid to reach out to mental health charities or the medical profession if you are struggling to cope


As the AI technology offers numerous advantages, but it also brings along a host of disadvantages. Deepfake nudity is just one of many sinister applications of this technology which will always make us question CAN WE TRUST WHAT WE SEE?

Thank you for your time 🍻🫡


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