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Android Pentesting & Bug Bounty

This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of Android security and penetration testing methodologies. Throughout the course, students will participate in hands-on exercises to reinforce their knowledge and skills.


By the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation in Android penetration testing and be able to confidently conduct assessments of Android applications and systems & Earn from the learnt skills efficiently.



March 17, 2023


April 2, 2023






April 3, 2023


May 3, 2023

Course Outline

  1. Understanding Android security architecture and components

  2. Understanding Android security model

  3. Android Security Features

  4. Introduction to Android Pentesting & Bug Bounty

  1. Setting up an Android environment for Pentesting

  2. Setting up Emulators and real devices

  3. Configuring Android Devices with Burpsuite

  4. Installing Android Pentesting tools.

  5. Introduction & Usage of ADB and apktool

  6. Introduction to Frida

  1. Introduction to Static Analysis

  2. Decompiling and Recompiling Android Apps

  3. Analysing Android APK files

  4. Analysing AndroidManifest.xml file

  5. Enumerating Firebase Databases

  6. Understanding Obfuscation 

  7. Task Hijacking Vulnerability

  8. Automated Static Analysis

  1. Introduction to Dynamic Analysis

  2. SSL Pinning & Bypasses

  3. Intercepting Network Traffic with Burp Suite

  4. Client Side Injection Vulnerabilities

  5. Server Side Injection Vulnerabilities

  6. Insecure Logging Vulnerability

  7. Tap Jacking Vulnerability 

  8. Automated Dynamic Analysis

  1. Improper Platform Usage

  2. Insecure Data Storage

  3. Insecure Communication

  4. Insecure Authentication

  5. Insufficient Cryptography

  6. Insecure Authorization

  7. Client Code Quality

  8. Code Tampering

  9. Reverse Engineering

  10. Extraneous Functionality

  1. Writing comprehensive vulnerability reports

  2. Best practices for working with clients

  3. Ethical considerations and responsible disclosure policies

  1. Automated Frameworks

  2. Additional Surprise Vulnerabilities

Perks & Benefits

  • Live Training

  • Exclusive PoC & Resources

  • 40+ Comprehensive Topics

  • Task Based Extensive Learning

  • ISO Certified Completion Certificate

  • 24x7 Tutor Support

Meet your Mentor


Virang Rajyaguru

Virang is a aspiring cyber security enthusiast. He is experienced and knowledgable in the field of Bug Bounty Hunting and Penetration Testing. He is also well-versed in the the domain of Android Pentesting.

Virang has a passion for sharing his knowledge with others and helping them develop their skills. He is patient, approachable, and dedicated to helping his mentees succeed.

  • v11 Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical) with Full Score 

  • Ranked in Top 300 Hackers on YesWeHack 

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